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  • Parenting The Preschooler: How does your child show you how they feel?

    Published on April 23, 2021
    A fact sheet for parents on learning how your child communicates their emotions.

  • 2020 Michigan State Fair 4-H & Youth Virtual Showcase

    Published on December 11, 2020
    In 2020, Michigan State University Extension partnered with the Michigan State Fair to create the Michigan State Fair 4-H & Youth Virtual Showcase.

  • 2020 4-H Virtual Learning Showcase & Auctions

    Published on December 11, 2020
    When the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of many Michigan fairs, MSU Extension and Michigan 4-H teamed up with local community partners to provide an online platform that supported the 4-H experience and continued longtime traditions.

  • Policy Influence Capacity Advancement (PICA) Process Presentation

    Published on November 12, 2020
    PICA is a six-week virtual learning platform that is intended to help policy-oriented institutions identify the capacities needed in order to increase their influence in the policy environment in which they find themselves.

  • Urban Soil Management Research Project - Year 1

    Published on November 5, 2020
    In 2019, we concluded our first year of the urban soil management research project (USMRP). We're investigating ways to improve soil health as quickly as possible through various forms of tillage and cover crop mixes.

  • 4-H Virtual Showcase Social Media Templates

    Published on July 23, 2020
    Counties hosting 4-H virtual learning showcases may wish to use these customizable social media graphics to promote their registration and/or auction opportunities.

  • Extension Extras Enrichments: Calming Jar

    Published on July 21, 2020
    Young children have a hard time explaining how they are feeling and learning how to express those feelings. A calming jar can support a child's social emotional development by helping them learn how to control their emotions.

  • Roadmap to a Virtual Program

    Published on July 13, 2020
    Virtual learning experiences are opportunities for engagement when face-to-face meetings are not possible. They also can supplement face-to-face programming. When planning a virtual program, consider the following questions and best practices.

  • 4-H Virtual Showcase: Language for Fair Books and Exhibitors about Video and Photo Requirements

    Published on June 26, 2020
    The following is suggested language for staff to utilize when updating fair books or communicating with exhibitors. These suggestions are only a starting point for staff; the text should reflect the requirements of your own virtual learning showcase.

  • 4-H Virtual Auction: Sample Buyers Letter

    Published on June 25, 2020
    This document is a sample for counties to use when communicating with their buyers about the virtual auction. Each county will need to customize the information to fit the format of their auction, paying particular attention to the areas in yellow.

  • Keeping Youth Safe Virtually: Best Practices

    Published on June 18, 2020
    When engaging youth in virtual learning experiences, it is important to consider youth safety. These best practices should be considered by youth as they engage in online experiences, as well as parents, guardians, volunteers and other adults.

  • 4-H Cloverbud Project Learning Reflection

    Published on June 17, 2020
    Cloverbuds participating in the virtual learning showcase will be asked to reflect on their experiences. The questions will be asked as part of the FairEntry process and should be considered in advance of entering classes online.

  • Getting Started Checklist for MSU Extension Staff

    Published on June 3, 2020
    This resource will be helpful to MSU Extension staff interested in creating a virtual learning showcase or auction via FairEntry.

  • Virtual Learning Showcase Exhibitor Tip Sheet

    Published on June 1, 2020
    This helpful tip sheet can be customize by local fairs and distributed to youth exhibitors to help them plan for their online judging experience.

  • 4-H Project Learning Reflection

    Published on June 1, 2020
    Youth utilizing virtual learning showcase experiences will be asked to reflect on questions to highlight life skills developed through the project area. The following questions are recommended for use as part of the FairEntry process.

  • Virtual Learning Showcase Class Structure Guidelines

    Published on June 1, 2020
    The document provides recommendations for fair managers to consider regarding what number of photos and length of videos to permit for virtual entries.

  • Virtual Learning Showcase and Auction Guidelines

    Published on June 1, 2020
    A virtual learning showcase allow exhibitors an opportunity to showcase skills they have learned and receive feedback to assist in their growth and development. This guide will help fair managers think through opportunities this unique setting offers.

  • Tips for Taking Photos and Video

    Published on June 1, 2020
    Michigan 4-H members taking part in a virtual learning showcase or auction can utilize these helpful tips to make the most of their virtual entries.

  • Seasonal Report Fall 2019

    Published on December 22, 2019
    Our fall report covers preliminary results from the urban soil management research project, a feature on edible forest, and an update on the construction of our first building, the Waawiyatanong Center.

  • Apprenticeship 101 Facilitators Guide

    Published on November 1, 2019
    These five lessons provide hands on learning highlighting United States Department of Labor (USDOL) Registered Apprenticeships as a career option and expand career awareness of occupations with high demand and high wage in Michigan.