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  • Bailey Scholars Program

    The Bailey Scholars Program is a unique opportunity to learn through community. It is a program of possibility and potential, where we aid you in your pursuit of your learning interests. We focus on scholarship, excellence, and community.

  • MABA Leadership Program

    Michigan Agri-Business Association Leadership Program

  • Conservation Stewards Program

    Conservation Stewards Program participants learn about the history of conservation activities in Michigan, ecological principles, ecoregional classifications, and the choices that manage our natural resources. In addition to this foundation, participants learn about terrestrial ecosystems (forestlands and grasslands) and aquatic ecosystems (wetlands, lakes and streams) through classroom and in-field instruction.

  • World Technology Access Program

    WorldTAP draws upon expertise from Michigan State University and around the world to offer short-term and long-term training programs, advisory services, and consultations in diverse areas of agricultural research and development.

  • Manure Hauler Certification Program

    The certification program creates a clear pathway for farms and for-hire manure applicators (firms) to move from training, to certification, to third party audit (incentivized by reductions in insurance premiums) without implementing a mandatory program. There are three levels to the certification program. Passing the online course with a score of 80% or more is one of two components of becoming Level 1 certified.

  • Winterthur Research Fellowship Program

    For graduate students to support research in social and cultural history, design history, the decorative arts, landscape architecture and design, consumer culture, and conservation studies.

  • Beef Cattle Ultrasound Program

    MSU Extension has invested in ultrasound scanning technology in central Michigan. Breeders can scan yearling bulls and heifers for carcass traits and have this information included in National Cattle Evaluation ultrasound EPDs.

  • Zoning Administrator Certificate Program

    Teaches zoning administration techniques in ways that reduce legal risks to the zoning administrator and their community.

  • My Horse University Program

    My Horse University (MHU) was established in 2005 at MSU, the pioneer land-grant university with nationally ranked programs in equine science and management. MHU brings research and knowledge from world-renowned experts to online courses and products. MHU’s courses provide a comprehensive and convenient learning experience for horse enthusiasts throughout the world. Courses include:

  • Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program

    The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks.

  • Transdisciplinary Graduate Fellows Program (TGFP)

    Transdisciplinary Graduate Fellows Program (TGFP) request for applications for the Inaugural Cohort, 2018-19. This is a funding and professional development opportunity for graduate students at Michigan State University

  • Dairy Lipids Nutrition Program and Laboratory

    The Michigan State University Dairy Lipids Nutrition Program and Laboratory is devoted to conducting research and outreach on dairy nutrition, both as it relates to the dairy (bovine) animal and humans.

  • Annie's Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship Program

    For students pursuing studies in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

  • The Irrigation Foundation Scholarship Program

    For students interested in a career in the irrigation field.

  • 2019 Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship Program

    We invite eligible university students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees in crop-related disciplines to compete for $20,000 in scholarship awards.

  • Extreme Terrain Fall Scholarship Program

    1 Scholarship for $2,500 will be awarded twice a year to students who are pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies.

  • Forest Carbon and Climate Program

    Educating future leaders in forest carbon science, policy, and management

  • ONLINE National Diabetes Prevention Program

    This course is designed for people who are at-risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The focus is on establishing lifestyle changes that promote slow, steady weight loss including healthy eating, physical activity and goal setting.

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