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  • 4-H Money Smarts Contests

    Join Michigan 4-H as we hold fun contests and workshops leading up to National Financial Literacy Month and Michigan Money Smart Week. Expand your knowledge and compete with other youth across Michigan to earn prizes in money management challenges.

  • 4-H Youth Entrepreneurship

    Youth are filled with creative and passionate ideas that can easily become business ventures. With 4-H, they can learn how to cultivate these ideas, develop a business plan, operate a business and much more.

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Tools

    Links to other helpful youth entrepreneurship tools

  • 4-H Scholarships & Recognition Program

    The 4-H Scholarship and Recognition Program provides both youth participants and 4-H volunteers with recognition and rewards for their work in 4-H.

  • Youth Business Guide to Success

    A curriculum for youth ages 12-19 that helps them make the most of their 4-H market animal project. Explore and practice production, management and distribution skills while viewing careers in the world of animal science and agribusiness.

  • 4-H Veterinary Science

    Explore the broad scope of veterinary medicine and animal health. In addition to learning valuable life skills, youth investigate topics such as medicine, animal health, zoonotic disease, animal management and nutrition.

  • 4-H Junior Citizen Planner

    Youth learn about making effective land-use decisions in their communities while addressing important subjects such as social studies, civics, geography, environmental science, land-use planning and land-use technology.

  • 4-H Youth Money Management

    4-H offers many opportunities for young people to learn about personal finance, including fund-raising for their club or a community service project, participating in clubs dedicated to investment, and selling their own market animal at the fair.

  • 4-H Careers & Entrepreneurship

    4-H provides youth with hands-on opportunities to explore future careers and entrepreneurship while enhancing their financial literacy and developing important skills for the workforce.

  • 4-H Communications

    Having great communications skills can make a big difference in life and work. In 4-H activities, you will have the opportunity to gain skills and confidence in areas such as public speaking, writing, visual communication, video and media.

  • 4-H Exploration Days

    This MSU precollege program welcomes youth ages 11-19 to explore their future, try new things and experience college life! During this three-day event, youth will gain confidence and independence through hands-on learning and make friends for a lifetime.

  • Apprenticeship Websites

    Published on October 14, 2019
    National and local websites for students and educators to explore apprenticeships, grow your skills, and connect with partner organizations.,

  • Michigan 4-H Entrepreneurship Snapshot (4H1759)

    Published on November 20, 2018
    Learn more about the Michigan 4-H entrepreneurship program in this Michigan 4-H Entrepreneurship snapshot sheet.

  • Babysitting is a great summer job

    Published on April 26, 2019
    Babysitting classes offered by Michigan 4-H could help you earn money this summer.

  • Using social media in your horse program

    Published on August 23, 2019
    Explore how you can safely use social media to enhance your programs.

  • College and career ready: Youth perspectives and programs that work

    Published on May 3, 2019
    Make your future bright by gaining career insight through these online and hands-on programs.

  • Career objective: Is it still recommended on a resume?

    Published on September 10, 2019
    How you write your resume introduction can influence whether an employer will consider you for an interview.

  • Chewing gum during a meeting

    Published on August 1, 2019
    Is it appropriate to chew gum during a business meeting?

  • Entrepreneurial ideas for youth

    Published on November 4, 2019
    Creating a product and starting a business can be discussed at an early age. Encourage youth to look at creative ways to become entrepreneurs.

  • 4-H Tractor Operator Program offered in Cass County during February 2020

    Published on January 6, 2020
    The 4-H Tractor Operator Program is offered in Cass County in February 2020 and is open to 14-to-19-year-olds in Cass and surrounding counties.