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  • 4-H Rabbits & Cavies

    Youth explore veterinary and animal science by learning to feed, train and care for rabbit and cavy projects. This project area is especially great for youth in urban areas.

  • Mar 25

    Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) - March 25

    March 25, 2020 6:00PM – 7:30PM Ottawa County Fillmore Complex Board Room 12220 Fillmore Street West Olive, MI  49460

    YQCA is an annual education and certification program focused on food safety, animal well-being and character awareness for youth ages 8 to 18.

  • Jan 29

    State 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Show

    January 29, 2022 6:30AM – 5:30PM MSU Livestock Pavilion, 4301 Farm Ln, Lansing, MI 48910

    The State 4-H Rabbit & Cavy Show will be held on January 29, 2022 at the MSU Pavilion in East Lansing. This one-day event is open to participants age 8 to 19. To enter, exhibitors must be Michigan 4-H members and own the rabbits or cavies they enter.

  • Rabbit Body Types

    Rabbits are divided into five different body types, based on their structure. Learn about the differences in those different body types as part of your 4-H rabbit project.

  • Building a Rabbit Cage

    Construct your own rabbit cage. Youth could learn measuring as well as make this a business.

  • Basics of Biosecurity

    Published on September 26, 2019

    Biosecurity is the procedures used to protect humans and animals against diseases or harmful biological agents. By practicing good biosecurity protocols, you will help protect both the people and animals in which you come into contact with.

  • Rabbit Nutrition

    Learning about the nutritional requirements of your 4-H rabbit.

  • Rabbit Breeding

    Choosing what rabbit to breed for your 4-H rabbit project, as well as how to care for the kits through weaning.

  • Rabbit Health

    What illnesses can your rabbit get? How do you diagnose and treat these illnesses? Is there preventive measures to take to keep your animal healthy? Learn about rabbit health as part of your 4-H rabbit project.

  • Dos and Don'ts: Staying Healthy Around Animals

    Published on September 26, 2019

    Just like people, animals also have the ability to spread bacteria, viruses and parasites to other animals and people. When being around animals, you can stay healthy if you remember these few, simple steps.

  • General Rabbit Care

    How to care for your rabbit from feeding to housing. Meeting all of your rabbit's needs.

  • Rabbit Meat Pens: From Breeding to Selection

    How to successfully raise market rabbits from breeding, through kindling, kit care and then selection.

  • Glenda Weiss

    4-H Program Coordinator

  • Rabbit & Cavy Organizations

    Published on April 17, 2015
    The following organization may provide more information in the 4-H rabbit and cavy project area.

  • National 4-H Rabbit Curriculum

    Published on April 17, 2015
    This section of the National 4-H Curriculum Library site linked here provides links to sample activities from the curriculum and links to rabbit-related organizations.

  • Rabbit Fitting & Showing Member's Guide (4H1268)

    Published on March 31, 2015
    This bulletin contains objectives, guidelines and procedures for 4-H'ers in rabbit fitting and showing contests and covers rabbit feeding, care, grooming and conditioning.

  • 4-H Animal Care & Well-Being Posters – Set of 6 4H1719

    4-H Animal Care and Well-Being Posters compliment the 4-H Animal Care and Well-Being Bookmarks: they provide answers to the top five commonly asked questions about animals that youth may encounter when showing at a fair or exhibition.

  • Financial Manual for 4-H Treasurers

    Published on March 2, 2020
    A guide to managing money wisely for 4-H treasurers.

  • Recommendations for Marketing Youth Animal Projects – Poultry (Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks) and Rabbits

    Published on May 25, 2020
    This document will serve as a guide to help youth market, establish pricing, find a processor, keep records, and evaluate transportationconsiderations.

  • Rabbit Tracks: Meat Quality and Carcass Evaluation

    Published on April 24, 2017
    The grading guide for rabbit meat is also useful to 4-H rabbit raisers in evaluating a rabbit’s meat and carcass.

  • Be a Zoonotic Disease Detective Activity Book (4H1671)

    Check out the handy tips and learning activities in the Be A "Zoonotic" Disease Detective publication, so that you can learn to be a disease detective too!