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  • 4-H Winterfest 2014

    Published on November 12, 2013
    Don't let the cold weather keep you from attending the 2014 Winterfest!

  • 4-H Winterfest workshop coming February 2016

    Published on December 9, 2015
    Youth have a chance to spend an overnight weekend at Kettunen Center, Feb. 6-7, 2016, as part of the annual 4-H Winterfest.

  • Start thinking about 4-H Winterfest coming in February

    Published on October 17, 2017
    Youth ages 8-12 years old can learn important life skills at 4-H Winterfest, Feb. 3-4, 2018.

  • 4-H'ers learn winter life skills at Kettunen Center

    Published on March 1, 2018
    Although the Kettunen Center is commonly used to host teen and adult leader workshops and conferences, more workshops are being organized that engage a younger crowd. The Michigan 4-H Winterfest event is one of the most influential of this type.

  • Kettunen Center offers many 4-H teen and adult leader trainings

    Published on November 25, 2013
    Kettunen Center, Michigan’s 4-H volunteer training center, offers many different trainings for youth and adults year round.

  • Greenstone renews 4-H commitment to grow 4-H true leaders

    Published on May 1, 2019
    GreenStone Farm Credit Services has renewed and increased its commitment to Michigan 4-H with a $75,000 pledge over the next five years.

  • Alcona 4-H Makerspace

    The Alcona 4-H Makerspace provides leaders, volunteers and youth with the space and supplies to expand their understanding of STEM.

  • Living the 4-H Life with Julie Chapin

    Published on November 5, 2018
    Hear from Julie Chapin about her 4-H life, everything the 4-H clover represents and how you can get involved.

  • 4-H Exploration Days

    This fun MSU pre-college program could be the highlight of your summer - it could even change your life! About 2,500 youth (ages 11-19) and chaperones from across Michigan attend annually.

  • 4-H Online 2.0 Volunteer Enrollment

    Published on September 14, 2020

    In this video you will see how to enroll as a volunteer in 4-H Online 2.0. You'll see how to login to an existing account, start an enrollment, select a volunteer role, select clubs, select projects, and submit your enrollment.

  • Inclusive 4-H

    Blending different backgrounds together is a unique aspect of Michigan 4-H. Differences including people of diverse backgrounds, heritages, and physical and mental abilities are welcome, and encouraged, to join 4-H as a participant or volunteer.

  • 4-H Brand Essence Video

    "True leaders aren't born; they're grown."

  • 4-H Children's Garden Virtual Tour

    A June walk through the 4-H Children's Garden with Dr. Norm.

  • 4-H Folkpatterns

    Youth explore cultural traditions, history, traditional crafts, foods and their own heritage through 4-H folkpatterns.

  • 4-H Virtual Showcase Webinar

    This webinar provides more information about FairEntry and the option to partner with MSU Extension on virtual showcase opportunities.

  • 4-H Mindful Monday: Integrity

    The 4-H pledge states, in part, that we will pledge our health to better living, which includes building character. Through this video, youth will learn how to develop the character strength of integrity through a mindfulness practice.

  • 4-H Communications

    Having great communications skills can make a big difference in life and work. In 4-H activities, you will have the opportunity to gain skills and confidence in areas such as public speaking, writing, visual communication, video and media.

  • Join 4-H

    Information on joining 4-H in Clare County.

  • 4-H Entomology

    If rare beetles or other insects are of interest, Michigan 4-H has a program for youth to become involved in. Whether observing, photographing or collecting insects there is plenty to explore when it comes to entomology.

  • Join 4-H

    Join 4-H