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  • Landscaping

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    Whether you are a professional landscaper or homeowner, MSU Extension is your connection to the most trusted information on designing, installing and caring for the environments where we live and work.

  • Organic Agriculture

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    Through educational programs and research, MSU Extension helps farmers build sustainable organic farms through strong integrated pest management and enhancing soil health.

  • Beef

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    MSU Extension serves the Michigan beef industry by engaging in research, education and outreach that enhances the quality of life for constituents throughout the state.

  • Horses

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    MSU Extension’s focus on horses, ponies, donkeys and mules provides educational resources and activities for both youth and adult equine owners.

  • Poultry

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    MSU Extension’s focus on poultry production brings together cross-discipline educators and researchers who work with both commercial poultry producers, small flock owners and youth.

  • Pork

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    MSU Extension serves the pork industry by providing decision-makers with trusted information about all aspects of pork production.

  • Dairy

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    MSU Extension provides easy-to-access information, specialized dairy programs, ranging from online resources to educational seminars, to dairy educators located throughout the state.

  • Animal Agriculture

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    MSU Extension serves the animal agriculture industry by engaging in research, education and outreach that enhances the quality of life for constituents throughout the state.

  • Vegetables

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    MSU Extension supports the vegetable industry with research and education on economic disease, insect and weed control, reduced input cultural practices, plant nutrition, irrigation, new technology and crop introduction.

  • Floriculture & Greenhouse Crop Production

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    MSU Extension’s floriculture educational and applied research programs help improve greenhouse crop production and business management by providing trusted information on new production techniques and management strategies.

  • Stratton Lee, III


    Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs

  • Turf

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    MSU Extension’s focus on turfgrass management brings together faculty, specialists, and educators who work with both professional turfgrass managers and homeowners in managing turfgrass in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Michigan Equine News

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    Promoting health and management awareness in the Michigan horse industry.

  • Swine Influenza

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    Swine influenza is a virus that can circulate in the pig population but is generally not fatal and does not affect the meat products.

  • Seneca Valley Virus

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    Seneca Valley Virus is a disease that circulates among the pig population. There is little information known about this disease, but the common clinical signs associated with the disease are blisters or erosions on the pig's snout, mouth or feet.

  • Meat Cutter Training Course

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    Meat cutters are in high demand for industry processors and in meat departments of grocery stores. This free, hands-on certificate training has in-person and online interactive learning components on how to cut and package meat.

  • Avian Influenza

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    Avian influenza is a disease caused by a virus that infects wild birds such as geese, ducks, swans and shorebirds, and domestic poultry, including turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese.

  • Managing Animal Mortalities

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    Animal deaths are unavoidable on the farm and farmers need a plan and methods for managing both “routine” (normal and natural) mortality and “mass carcass” (catastrophic or disaster) management plans.

  • Beef Cattle Ultrasound Program

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    MSU Extension has invested in ultrasound scanning technology in central Michigan. Breeders can scan yearling bulls and heifers for carcass traits and have this information included in National Cattle Evaluation ultrasound EPDs.

  • Cattle Feeding Short Course

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    Cattle Feeding Short Course is an educational opportunity for producers of beef products, to become aware of nutritional and management practices for improving cattle feeding operations.

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