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  • Basic Needs

    Understand the basic needs of every animal in terms of food, water, shelter and space.

  • Mitosis/Meiosis

    Mitosis refers to the process of somatic cell reproduction and is responsible for plant growth.  Mitosis occurs mainly in meristematic regions in plants.

  • Landscaping

    When developing a production plan for landscaping there are many aspects to consider.

  • Hierarchical Classification

    Hierarchical classification is a system of grouping things according to a hierarchy, or levels and orders.

  • Environmental Factors

    Discuss the following environmental factors: light, temperature, humidity, water, and nutrition.

  • Intro/basics of hydroponics

    Hydroponics is the growing of plants with a nontraditional media.

  • Identify Stakeholders

    A stakeholder is a person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.

  • AFNR Legislation

    Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. 

  • Water Quality Management

    Water quality management can include preventative steps as well as solutions to an already existing problem.

  • Future Markets

    Understand what a market is, especially commodity markets, and how futures apply to the buying and selling of commodities throughout the US and world.

  • Record Keeping

    Collect proper production records including application dates and rates, crop yields, planting and harvest dates by yield and field, emergency field response, maintenance and equipment calibration activity records.

  • Asexual propagation

    Asexual propagation is a type of plant reproduction using roots, stems, or leaves of a parent plant.

  • Nutrient Application

    Apply nutrients to plants for economic growth. Describe methods of nutrient application (broadcasting, side-dressing, compost, etc).

  • Selective vs. Natural

    Selective breeding is when humans choose what animals should breed and when. Natural breeding is when nature chooses what animals breed. 

  • Soil profiling & Analysis

    Collect and test soil/media.  Identify slope, structure, texture, horizons, and type. 

  • Environmental Impacts

    Environmental systems are a delicate balance of system inputs and outputs.

  • Fertilizer Calculations

    Calculate the amount of fertilizer to be applied and calibrate equipment to apply the prescribed amount of fertilizer.

  • Punnett Squares

    Genetic tool used to predict possible offspring of two parents.

  • Sterilization

    Sterilization has to do with getting rid of microbes and fungus that could be growing within the media that you can reuse in the future.

  • Employability Skills

    Employability skills or competencies young people need to enter the workforce.