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  • Home Beekeeping

    Published on February 19, 2021

    MI Ag Ideas to Grow With 2021 - Horticulture & Natural Resources Session: Home Beekeeping: Are you curious about what it takes to become a beekeeper? Learn about the many factors to consider before deciding if beekeeping is right for you. This presentation will cover the first steps for getting started with beekeeping as well as steps everyone can take to support pollinators.

  • Meghan Milbrath

    Assistant Professor

  • Ana Heck

    Apiculture Extension Educator

  • The sweetness of honey

    Published on December 16, 2020
    Honey is a natural sweetener, with various uses, that is produced by bees who gather nectar from flowers.

  • Sweeteners – Sugars

    Published on October 28, 2019
    In this series, we explore sweeteners. In this post, we cover common sugar sweeteners.

  • Cosmetics – Exploring humectants

    Published on August 26, 2019
    Ever wonder how your lotion helps prevent dry skin? There are many ingredients that go into creating the perfect moisturizing lotion, but one class of ingredients in particular helps lotions and other cosmetic and personal care products work; humectants.