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  • Backyard Beekeeping

    Date: Apr 02, 2020
    In this series, we will introduce you to the many challenges beekeepers face and will discuss the biology, tools, equipment and management that make beekeepers successful in northern climates.

  • Dessert with Discussion: Heroes to Hives

    Date: Mar 26, 2020
    Learn about the Heroes to Hives beekeeping program for veterans, current beekeeping industry status, and efforts to address honey bee decline.

  • Sweeteners – Sugars

    Published on October 28, 2019
    In this series, we explore sweeteners. In this post, we cover common sugar sweeteners.

  • Cosmetics – Exploring humectants

    Published on August 26, 2019
    Ever wonder how your lotion helps prevent dry skin? There are many ingredients that go into creating the perfect moisturizing lotion, but one class of ingredients in particular helps lotions and other cosmetic and personal care products work; humectants.