• Empower U!

    This course guides participants through the process of addressing invasive species on public land through policy or leadership action. Participants learn how to present logical arguments to local decision-makers regarding the presence of invasive species while offering possible solutions to eliminate the issue. Upon completion of the course, participants will have created a strategic plan to engage a local decision-maker on an issue of importance. This is a hybrid self-paced online course with in-person (or virtual) instruction provided over the five-week period.

  • Master Gardener College 2021 Session Recordings

    This online course houses all recordings from the Master Gardener College 2021 event including the keynote presentations and all breakout sessions.  In addition, you will find links to the MSU Volunteer Leadership workshop, Q&A sessions, and the virtual banquet, as well as a link to the online Garden Marketplace where you can shop for gardening books, tools, clothing and more. 

  • Regulatory Leadership in Food Law

    In the modern regulatory state, the attorney or regulatory affairs manager is looked to for counseling on more than just the meaning of the letter of the law but also for guidance and leadership in dealing with agencies, particularly in complex or difficult situations.