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Department of Community Sustainability

4-H Environmental & Outdoor Education




  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability (B.S.)

    Environmental Studies and Sustainability examines resource use and allocation through the lenses of community engagement, sustainability and environmental justice.

  • Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism (B.S.)

    Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism is an interdisciplinary program integrating sustainability with the study of natural, social, management and behavioral sciences related to natural resources recreation and tourism.

  • Environmental Economics and Management (B.S.)

    Environmental Economics and Management is a broad, integrated study of environmental economics, public finance, economic development, community and regional studies and environmental science.

  • Fisheries and Wildlife (B.S.)

    Fisheries and Wildlife concentrations include conservation biology, wildlife biology and management, fisheries biology and management, water sciences, fish and wildlife disease ecology and management, and pre-veterinary.

  • Forestry (B.S.)

    The Forestry program prepares students to address pressing natural resource, environmental and energy issues through coursework in the biological and social sciences.

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education (B.S.)

    This program prepares students for careers as school-based agriculture, food and natural resources teachers at the secondary level, careers in education fields, or professional or graduate school program.

  • Biosystems Engineering (B.S.)

    The Biosystems Engineering program combines biology with engineering to ensure there is safe and plentiful food, clean water, renewable energy and a healthy environment.

  • Entomology (B.S.)

    Courses are designed to give the student an understanding of the structure, classification, identification, function, biology, ecology, and management of beneficial and harmful arthropods, and the communities and ecosystems where insects occur.

  • MSU fisheries & wildlife students share their internship experiences

    Published on October 7, 2021

    MSU undergraduate students participate in hands-on field research experience with wildlife at the Corey Marsh Ecological Research Center, located just northeast of the main campus in East Lansing.

  • Angela Ayers

    Published on November 3, 2021
    I manage public policy for Ford Motor Co. as part of the Government Relations team. Meaning, I help track federal, state and local policy, mainly around the environment and infrastructure, that can impact the company and work to define our position.

  • Recent alum educates youth about STEM, plastics, and sustainability

    Published on December 7, 2021
    Evan Morton’s passion for research, teaching and sustainability shaped his time at MSU and his career trajectory.