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  • Swine Health Update Meetings - Is African Swine Fever a Threat to Michigan's Pork Industry?


    Date: Jan 08, 2019
    Updates on swine health issues, including African Swine Fever. How Michigan's pork production industry could be affected and what will happen if we see outbreaks in the US.

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2003

    Digital Document

    Published on June 17, 2003
    In this issue: Understanding Livestock Odors, Evaluation of Hydrocolloid Ingredients as Purge Controllers, Pork 101, MSU Extension Contact Names and Map

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2003

    Digital Document

    Published on August 7, 2003
    In this issue: Organic Better Than Conventionally Raised Pork, Do You Pollute, Seminal Plasma Repairs Colling Inducted Membrane Changes in Boar Semen, Biofilters, MSU Swine Team Prepares for SWAP

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2002

    Digital Document

    Published on August 21, 2002
    In this issue: Proper on Farm Needle Handling Procedures, Using Records to Investigate a Farrowing Rate Problem, Supplementing Vitamin C Through the Drinking Water, Major Genes in Your Seedstock, Breeding Management Workshops Announcement

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2002

    Digital Document

    Published on November 15, 2002
    In this issue: Manure Production Records to Meet “GAAMP” Guidelines, Pig Survival is Important, Sows Fertility to AI at a Gonadotropin-Induced Estrus and Ovulation, Breeding Management Workshop Registration

  • Pork Quarterly - April 2003

    Digital Document

    Published on April 11, 2003
    In this issue: Using Mass Balance to Calculate Manure Phosphorus Production, Are You Ready for A CNMP, Strategies to Eliminate Atypical Aromas and Flavors in Sow Loins

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2001

    Digital Document

    Published on June 28, 2001
    In this issue: Transferring the Family Swine Farm Business to the Next Generation, Farm Medication Plan, Quality Assurance, Vaccination & Management, Livestock Welfare Regulations, Frequency of Porcine Stress Gene in Texas Show Pigs

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2001

    Digital Document

    Published on August 27, 2001
    In this issue: What Level of Manure Management is Right for You, Using Boars for Estrous Stimulation & Detection, MSUMN, Gilt Management: Minimizing and Managing the Entry-to-Service Interval, Hog and Pork Outlook - 2001 and Beyond

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2002

    Digital Document

    Published on June 17, 2002
    In this issue: Beyond the Hogs and Pigs Report, Improving Fertility of Artificially Inseminated Cows, Update - Antibiotic Resistance and Use of Antibiotics in Livestock, Pork Industry Outlook - Summer 2002, 2nd Annual Mid-West Swine Nutrition Conference

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2000

    Digital Document

    Published on November 13, 2000
    In this issue: Right to Farm Amendments, Tips for Sampling Manure, Manure Testing Laboratories, Michigan Swine Youth Challenge 2001, Heterosis, Water: The Forgotten Element, What’s With My Wei?

  • Pork Quarterly - April 2001

    Digital Document

    Published on April 30, 2001
    In this issue: Thomapple Valley’s Closure, Controlling Flour Moths in Gestation Barns, Foot & Mouth Disease, The Napole Gene, Paylean - Does It Interact With Genetics, Effect of Nutritional Level While Feeding Paylean to Late-Finishing Swine

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2000

    Digital Document

    Published on June 21, 2000
    In this issue: Fanner-Owned Packing Plants, New Study Finds Following GAAMPs Reduces Soil Phosphorus Levels, How Does Heat Stress Affect Sow Performance During Lactation, Effect of Wean- to-Finish Management on Pig Performance, Alternative Feedstuffs

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2000

    Digital Document

    Published on August 8, 2000
    In this issue: More Pigs on the Way, Environmental Update, Manure Sampling and Nutrient Analysis, Managers Still Needed, Hormonal Therapy for Sows Winter During Fall and Winter

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2003

    Digital Document

    Published on November 12, 2003
    In this issue: MAEAP “Progressive Planning”, How Warm for Weaned Pigs?, Michigan State University Extension, New AoE Swine Agent

  • Pork Quarterly - November 1999

    Digital Document

    Published on November 2, 1999
    In this issue: Comparison of Early Wean Feeders, Y2K Farm Preparedness, Computer Y2K Compliance, Backflow During AI, 98 Swine Business Summaries, 98 ISU Swine Business Record, 98 MSU Swine Farm Analysis, Youth Ed. Fair

  • Pork Quarterly - April 2000

    Digital Document

    Published on April 4, 2000
    In this issue: Use of Injectable Drugs on Farrowing Sows, Michigan Swine Youth Challenge, Ractopamine Alternative, Get ready for summer, Number of teats in a pig, Electronic swine news updates

  • Pork Quarterly - August 1999

    Digital Document

    Published on August 18, 1999
    In this issue: Compliance Audit Program, Iowa Farm Financial Summary 98, Connecting to a Standby Generator, Manure Tour, New Swine Agent in North Central MI, Life Cycle of a Hog, Pig Champ 98, Crystalline Amino Acids

  • Pork Quarterly - June 1999

    Digital Document

    Published on June 15, 1999
    In this issue: Should I Keep Those Hogs For Just a Few More Days?, Biosecurity in Swine Operations, Do You Have Farm Workers?, What’s Your Financial IQ?, Youth Pork Quality Assurance, Sucrose and Molasses ,Research Update, Packers Within the Region

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