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Center for Local Government Finance & Policy


  • State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972

    Published on April 5, 2021
    Federal revenue sharing, what’s that? Most leaders of Michigan’s local governments may not have any memory of federal revenue sharing, since it was last available to localities in 1986. Could it be reestablished? It sure can.

  • Biden Stimulus Plan to Aid Michigan Local Finances and Economies

    Published on March 11, 2021
    Michigan localities will share $4.4 billion in federal fiscal recovery aid. The stimulus package is expected to support some 43,000 Michigan jobs with annual labor earnings of nearly $3.6 million and increase gross state product by $6.7 billion.

  • A Greater Detroit

    Published on February 24, 2021
    If Ecorse, Hamtramck, and Highland Park approach the brink of insolvency in the future, the State should consider responding not by canceling local democracy, but by requiring that a vote be held on dissolution and consolidation into Detroit.

  • A Big Picture Look at Local Governments Finances

    Published on March 9, 2021
    One year into the pandemic and the local government financial picture is still fuzzy…with 300,000 fewer jobs but property tax revenues are up over 5%. What’s not unclear is the COVID-19 relief stimulus for local government will be welcomed.

  • Imagine Michigan Household Faucets Never Running Dry

    Published on January 19, 2021
    Imagine our community water systems providing sustainable and continuous access to affordable and clean drinking water for their service area population. We will examine institutions, rules, and processes that govern community drinking water systems.

  • Welcome to the Thrive Local Blog

    Published on December 15, 2020
    We will discuss issues relevant to local democracy and government at the intersection of law, finance and politics. Topics we will explore are chosen to assist local officials and residents to make decisions in their best interest and for the common good.

  • Federal Funds for Michigan’s Water Providers

    Published on March 1, 2021
    A new federal low-income water assistance program will be launched to help households with unaffordable water bills and water bill debt and support local water provider affordability program efforts to address chronic unaffordability.

  • What are Michigan’s Community Water System Infrastructure Needs?

    Published on April 29, 2021
    Millions of dollars of federal funds for local governments will begin arriving next month and investing in the upkeep of our drinking water systems is encouraged.

  • New Federal Water Money Like the Old Money

    Published on September 20, 2021
    We may be for the first time taking real steps toward water security. The new water assistance program could provide the federal support needed to keep water taps flowing and community water providers in the black.

  • A brief history of disincorporation and consolidation in Michigan

    Published on October 7, 2021
    “To be, or not to be, that is the question”. Residents of some Michigan municipalities have contemplated and others chosen to cease to exist—discorporate, and unify –consolidate into a new governmental entity. How to know when to vote this question?