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  • Cover Crops Virtual Field Day - Upper Peninsula

    Published on August 20, 2020

    Twin Island Farm located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has graciously allowed us to research interseeding and intercropping on their land. The goal is to demonstrate creative ways cover crops can be successfully established during the short growing season.

  • A look at agricultural statistics in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

    Published on November 1, 2018
    A check-in with the Michigan field office of the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service shows a relatively small, but important farming sector across the region.

  • Oak wilt treatment success

    Published on September 14, 2018
    Oak wilt treatments were implemented on state land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a three-year period 2014-2016. Sites were monitored for control success. They tell an interesting story.

  • Evening grosbeaks arrive across the Great Lakes

    Published on December 21, 2018
    Despite the range decline of evening grosbeaks over the years, it is predicted that this winter of 2018/2019 will be an irruption year.