We recommend checking the CSA Terms and Conditions for basic questions regarding your CSA share. The following FAQ cover common queries and requests that we receive that are not covered there.

Distribution Questions

Online Account Questions



Distribution Questions


How do I add extra items to my weekly share?

  • To make a purchase in addition to your share,  log in to your account, click on the green "Store" button on the upper right hand corner of the screen, and browse available items by category (Vegetables, Honey, Meat, and Eggs). 
  • All orders must be placed by Wednesday at noon before the Thursday of your pick up.​ Any orders placed after noon will be scheduled for the following week.
  • If you would like to go back into the store to add items to your order - do not delete any of your previous items in the shopping cart even if you have already paid for them. This is the list that we will download to harvest your order. You will not be charged twice.


I am missing something from my order!

We are so sincerely sorry! Please let us know right away so that we can sort this out for you. Typically, a good solution is to pack the item or items into your next share, or a special order the following week (if a half share member.) If the item is unavailable due to the Harvest, a credit for that item will be applied to your account and you can use it in the online store. Typically, when we process a refund there is a credit card fee that is applied to the farm, so we would prefer to avoid that route if there is another satisfactory solution.


The items in my share are not what was listed in the Newsletter - am I missing something?

The list that we send out in the CSA Newsletter is our best guess for the Harvest that week. We may discover that we cannot harvest enough of a certain item and have to make a substitution. We will always aim to provide you with a hearty harvest, even if it's a little different than we anticipated.


I'd like to share my CSA Share - can you help me find a partner?

It's great when folks can share the joys of incredibly fresh produce. Unfortunately, we do not have a good and equitable way to match households who are interested in sharing a CSA share. We encourage you to reach out to your networks and spread the word about the SOF! You'll just have to manage that independently from the farm.


I missed Pick-up: can I come by the farm to collect it?

As mentioned in the CSA Terms and Conditions, you are responsible for picking up your share or finding someone who can during Distribution Hours. If you know that you will be unable to be there, you must place a Hold by Tuesday of the week of your distribution so that we know not to harvest your share.

If something unexpected comes up and you miss your Distribution, contact us right away so that we can set your share aside or make one if you have opted for "Buffet Style."

On Farm shares can be made available Saturday morning at 9:30 am, under the oak tree by the front gate of the Horticulture Teaching and Research Center.

Bailey Share members will need to be in contact with Jorhie Beadle before the end of business day on Friday. beadlej1@msu.edu

All unclaimed shares will be donated or composted on the following Monday.


Online Account Questions

In 2020, we launched an online platform to automate and streamline our CSA accounts and to be able to offer an Online Store. We are planning to change our system in 2022 - but for now the following questions will specifically apply to Accounts in Farmigo.


How do I sign up for the next CSA?

Existing Members can add the next season within a calendar year by clicking the "Add" button on the right hand menu of their Online Account.

Note: If you would like to sign up for a share in a different calendar year (for example, the following Winter) You will have to change the "Season" to CSA 2022. This is in a drop-down menu on the upper left hand side under "My Account."


How do I place a Hold on my CSA Share?

  • Log into your account.
  • Select the Delivery Hold Menu tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Select the dates that you will be unable to pick up your share.
  • Select dates for your make up shares. (Full Share members, you will receive two shares on the selected days. Half Share Members, you select can choose to pick up a make up share on an "off-week" or to receive two shares on a normal distribution day.)
  • If you have any trouble or questions, please e-mail us at msufarm@msu.edu



I'm having difficulty with my online account!

We're sorry to hear that! Please send us an e-mail and we'll work to resolve it right away. msufarm@msu.edu

Please, if you already have an online account, do not make a second account with a different e-mail! We will work to get you back online and back in business.