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Farm Crew

Now hiring MSU Undergraduate Crew Members for the 2019 Season!

SOF is currently looking for crew members for the following seasons and hours:

  • part time spring semester after spring break, full time summer, and part time fall semester
  • part time spring semester after spring break, no summer, and part time fall semester

For more information or an application, contact Sarah at

The undergraduate students on our crew are the heart and soul of the Student Organic Farm.

Our crew members come from a wide diversity of academic backgrounds--including English, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Anthropology, Arabic, Art, and more--offering various perspectives to the work we do at the farm.

For our many crew members who are pursuing majors related to organic farming, such as Plant Biology or Horticulture, work at the Student Organic Farm provides tangible examples of what they learn in the classroom.

Through their work here, students gain valuable hands on experience producing organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs, as well as a deeper understanding of organic farming, food, and community.

Positions open up periodically as members of the crew graduate. These positions are often filled from the ranks of our regular and dedicated volunteers.

Check out our People page to see the folks who are currently working on the SOF crew!