SPDC During This Time: Our Commitment and Promise - Feb. 7, 2018

In this time of profound crisis involving the deeply troubling actions of Larry Nassar, we as the School of Planning, Design and Construction, are committed to supporting and helping to improve the campus climate pertaining to sexual harassment or assault.

As a school, we are committed to an inclusive approach to respect and value differences that diversity brings, and to encourage and embrace an environment that allows us to celebrate inclusion through teaching, research and outreach.

The crisis within our University has prompted us to take a close and hard look at our mission and how we deliver education, mentoring and community outreach to achieve it. We promise to do more. As the School of Planning, Design and Construction, we will take the following actions:

  1. We sponsored a school-wide open dialogue for all faculty, staff and students, on Feb. 16, 2018.
  2. We established the School Student Advisory Council on March 16, 2018. Student presidents of the five student organizations are council members who will have regular meetings with the School director regularly. The council will be the liaison between students and the director, and advise the director with regard to the student issues.
  3. We will continue to foster a school-wide culture that offers a safe, welcome and inclusive environment to all.
  4. We will continue to support and empower women, people of color, all sexual orientations and identity, and all nationalities, an evidence-based approach that protects against sexual harassment or assault, and discrimination.
  5. We will continue to sponsor school conversations to advance social justice for all. A regular open dialogue with regard to campus climate will be included in our faculty meetings. Students are encouraged to reach out to Ming-Han Li, SPDC director, to continue a dialogue with him as well.
  6. We will pursue conversations across the University to advance cross-unit efforts and support.
  7. We will make prominently available in our SPDC Student Services Office the following resource information:

In addition, we welcome your insights and feedback on conversations and areas where we can be better and best support you. 
Ming-Han Li
Professor and Director
School of Planning, Design and Construction
Michigan State University