Building Information Modeling

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Expand Your Horizons with Building Information Modeling (BIM) Expertise!

This collaborative certification program between The School of Planning, Design and Construction (SPDC) at Michigan State University (MSU) and TechnoStruct, focuses on Building Information Modeling (BIM). This unique program, part of an outreach initiative, bridges the gap between academic knowledge and industry demands, equipping students with specialized skills in BIM.



What We Offer...

Expert-Led Courses: Learn from top faculty in MSU's Construction Management Program and industry professionals from TechnoStruct.

Flexible Payment Options: Pay your tuition fees upfront or in two convenient installments.

Valuable Certification: Successful graduates receive a printed MSU certification, a testament to your newfound expertise.


Why Join?

Be part of an elite batch of students in this trailblazing program.

Gain hands-on experience and insights into the latest BIM technologies and practices.

Enhance your career prospects in the rapidly evolving field of building construct management.


Ready to Start?

Registration is Open! Don’t miss the chance to be part of this unique opportunity.

Limited Seats Available – Enroll now to secure your spot!

We Look Forward to Welcoming You to This Transformative Learning Experience!


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MSU Representative

Armin Yeganeh


TechnoStruct Representative

Parth Makwana

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