Construction Management Alumni

What can you do with a CM degree?

These construction management alumni discuss what they do in their careers.

Construction Management Alumni & Industry Advisory Board

The purpose of the Construction Management Alumni & Industry Advisory Board is to: 

  1. Unite alumni in the Construction Management Program (CM) and its predecessors (Building Construction Management, Building Construction, Residential Building, and Housing and Lumber Merchandising). 
  2. Provide a helpful means of advisory service to the administration, faculty and CM students, by developing and updating a Strategic Plan, which incorporates direct survey input from the industry, students and faculty.
  3. Address the quality of the Construction Management curriculums on an annual basis and every third year the Board shall undertake a comprehensive assessment of the curriculums. The Board Chairperson shall provide written feedback to the CM program director and faculty summarizing the Board’s outcome in each case. The Board shall work with the CM program director to obtain documents necessary to conduct its reviews.
  4. Encourage alumni and industrial financial support for CM.
  5. Provide support for the Board’s Endowment Fund.

Board activities include hosting one of the best attended and well-run golf outings in the College and University each year. The outing provides the funds that allow the board to support the program by funding portions of the lab and the student competition teams. In addition, the board has paid the Student NAHB dues for the members of the SBCA for several years. The board sponsors student field trips to project sites in the area and around the region. Other activities include hosting faculty, alumni and student mixer tailgates at one or more of the home football games each year and funding special requests from the students and the program.

Board Members