The Infrastructure Team consists of experienced systems and network administrators who architect, setup, maintain, upgrade, and secure our technology resources. The systems we oversee include: servers, storage, networking, backups, and firewalls. We support all users in CANR, AgBioResearch, and MSU Extension – on campus and across the state.

The core offerings we provide or support include:

  • Security – antivirus, updates, monitoring, and firewalls
  • Email and email scanning – spam, phishing, and malware
  • File Services – user, departmental, and research storage
  • SharePoint
  • Backups and restores
  • Active Directory Management
  • Database administration (MS SQL) – management, migration, backups
  • Technology training
  • Asset management – tracking, auditing, and planning
  • MSU IT – project advocate, point of contact, technical liaison
  • On-campus VoIP – consulting and network infrastructure
  • Remote office support – onboardings, networking, equipment administration
  • Server hosting – management, monitoring, and security controls
  • Networking – wired, wireless, and security appliances
  • Technology reviews – planning, budgeting, and consulting


Infrastructure Manager

Infrastructure Staff

Service Documentation

  • Network Shared Drive

    ANR Technology Services provides a shared location for storing files (S Drive) as well as a personal file storage location (U Drive).