Going Mobile

Mobile devices are commonly used to access websites, with some websites seeing more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. If you are concerned about providing information to visitors who use mobile devices, here are a few of the approaches we can take:

Responsive Design

The simplest and least expensive way to expose your website's content to your mobile audience is to simply create a website that provides all of your content regardless of screen size. Known as a "responsive design", this option allows us to move elements around, resize them, and/or remove unwanted elements when your site is viewed on a device with a smaller screen. This is our standard method for providing mobile visitors with a good user experience.

Application Programming Interface

An API is a more complex way to grant access to your information, intended to allow programmers to use your content in their own websites and mobile applications. This is a good solution to use if your website has a lot of categorized information that may be useful to a very broad audience.

Mobile Applications

Smartphone applications are the most expensive and complex way to reach a mobile audience. Because each mobile platform requires a separate program, a single "mobile application" effort typically involves several different projects, each with their own costs and difficulties. This is a good solution for large-budget projects that want to provide a specific, single-purpose tool for free to the general public.