Maintaining a Website

Each website must have a point of contact who is responsible for the upkeep of the informational content on the site. This “website owner” will be contacted whenever there is a notification or advisory with regard to their website. Note that ANR Technology Services staff are forbidden from editing website content, but are happy to assist units with training and support whenever possible.

Activity Policy

Because information becomes outdated very quickly, we do not currently support websites that are not being actively visited and updated. If a website has less than 100 visits per month or has not been updated for more than one year, the website owner may be notified that the website faces retirement if it continues to go unused and/or unmaintained.

Proper File Storage

A website should only contain copies of files and images. The website owner should retain all originals, and should not depend on the website to "save" any materials. In addition, only materials related to the website should be stored on the web server. Any use of web space for backing up personal or departmental materials is strictly forbidden.

Redirect Policy

If a website's URL has changed, one or more older URLs may be redirected to the new location in order to maintain compatibility with existing search results, bookmarks, and web links. These redirected links will be maintained for no longer than 6 months.

Retention Policy

After a website or web server is archived, copies of the files and databases necessary to bring the website online are kept for a period of one year, and then deleted. In many cases, a static copy of the website content as it existed when the website was retired will also be kept for a period of two years, and then deleted. If such a copy exists, we are happy to provide it for the website owner, who may view it on their computer and keep it for as long as they like.

Retirement Notification

When it's time to retire a web server or an individual website, we will contact the website owner to notify them of the change. Although every effort will be made to reach a contact person, this is made more difficult if our information is out-of-date. In this case, failure to maintain a website owner could theoretically result in the website being archived without warning.

Standards Compliance

Websites must remain in compliance with all applicable web standards as much as is reasonably possible. Although our systems provide much of the required functionality, there are still code and/or accessibility standards that must be maintained by the website owner. A website review may be requested at any time by any website owner, and regular automatic reviews for standards compliance are planned for the future.

Use of Domain Names

In order to assist with search engine optimization, each website should have one (and only one) domain name. If the domain name MUST be changed, the old domain should be redirected to it in accordance with our Redirect Policy. The use of any shortened or promotional addresses should be kept to a minimum, and any such addresses should redirect visitors to the permanent domain.