The Web Services team offers subsidized website creation to the following major websites. This includes website planning and design (wireframes/mockups), implementation, training, standards compliance, and system maintenance:

All other websites are billed for project work at an hourly rate of $70/hr. All clients will receive an estimate for approval before any billing takes place. Projects are always billed for actual hours worked, up to a limit of 125% of the estimate. There are no ongoing fees for support, and small changes may be requested at no additional charge.

Clients are required to create a Web Team for each website project, and to maintain their website over time. This includes being aware of the standards compliance required by the University, and paying for any work needed to keep websites in compliance. Web Teams should consist of 2-3 people, including at least one person who will be editing the website and one person who has the authority to make decisions regarding the site.

Please see this document for additional information on the types of web projects available from ANR Technology Services and MSU.