Online or web accessibility is the inclusive practice of removing barriers to ensure that everyone has equal access to perceive, understand, engage, navigate, and interact with all online content including websites, web applications, online documents (Word, PDF, etc.), and online course materials.

An online document or tool is considered accessible when it can be easily understood and used by everyone, regardless of the browser or assistive technology being used.

5 Year Plan

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has submitted a 5 Year Accessibility Plan as required by MSU, which lays out our roadmap for accessibility compliance.

The Importance of Accessibility

The Internet has become an increasingly important resource for all areas of life, including education. Michigan State University is committed to ensuring that the diverse audience we serve is provided with accessible websites and documents in the classroom, workplace, research labs, and places for recreation.

As such, we are striving toward compliance with the Web Accessibility Policy set forth by MSU.

Accessibility Resources

MSU has developed a web accessibility website to act as a central location for university resources regarding accessibility including a basic checklist for online content accessibility. The basic checklist serves as a starting point for understanding accessibility and beginning to review your online content for compliance with MSU’s Web Accessibility Policy.

MSU has also developed several tutorials, trainings, and resources for website, course, and document accessibility including a syllabus template for those posting their syllabus online or in Desire2Learn.

Online MSU/CANR/MSUE Accessibility Resources


Online Accessibility Videos and Trainings (External)

Online Accessibility Checklists and Tools (External)

ANR Accessibility Resources

University Accessibility Resources


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