Partnership Seminar

This will be two half-day classes in partnership law and will focus on tax issues related to partnerships.
The topics covered include:

  • The impact of various events on the partnership and the partner’s K-1
    • formation of the partnership (including the buy-in of a partner into an existing Schedule C)
    • distributions of cash and property.
  • The cancellation of debt income and the repayment of debt
  • The impact of selling a partnership interest to the partnership (a liquidating distribution) versus selling to an outside party
  • The impact of a Section 754 election
  • Issues that arise with the LLC entity filing as a partnership will also be highlighted.

These topics will be taught using a comprehensive problem. The material will contain references to resource materials and experts' opinions on the various transactions.

The seminar qualifies for 8 hours of CE.

Instructors will be Carol Wright and Trish Ugorowski. Instruction on both days will be begin at 1:00pm and end at 4:45pm.

Registration fee is $170 and is due by January 10, 2023.



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