Nov. 11 - GLP Event: Land Systems and the Pandemic — Learning from Global Shocks. online at 04:00 PM in Zurich. Register on Zoom

Nov. 6 - International Symposium on the Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (DISES): Implications for Natural Resource Management in Asia. Carolina Asia Center, Chapel Hill, NC. The Symposium will be held virtually, and free to all who are interested. Registration

Sept. 23-24 - Population and land use: from coupled to telecoupled systems. Webinar: Population and Environmental Change, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)

Aug. 21-23 - Metacoupling: Framework and Applications (Keynote Speech), LASOSU2021: International Forum on Land Degradation, Soil Conservation and Sustainable Development. Dalian, China

July 15 - "A Telecoupled World:  Exploring the linkages between human socioeconomic systems and environmental systems across distances". Teaching the Anthropocene: Reframing Geoscience Education for the Critical 2020s Decade. Central Connecticut State University   

June 19 - Global Land Programme Webinar: Transdisciplinary challenges and opportunities for telecoupling research

April 18: Fifth GLP telecoupling webinar: Assessing trade flows through a telecoupling lens - Globally sharing land and its ecosystem functions through international trade

April 9 - GLP Webinar: Assessing trade flows through a telecoupling lens – Globally sharing land and its ecosystem functions through international trade. Online. More information

Mar. 20 - Fourth GLP telecoupling webinar: Governing telecouplings - Discussing evidence on company policies for reducing commodity-driven forest loss 

Feb. 5 - “Telecoupling, sustainability and resilience in the post-Covid19 perspective.” the 2021 Urboretum Symposium. Centres and Peripheries: Reconfiguring Post-COVID-19 Urban Landscapes, British Embassy in Paris


Oct. 27-28 - Online Workshop: Synthesis Preparation for COUPLED. More COUPLED events

Sept. 9 - Third GLP telecoupling webinar: Modelling Telecoupling Land Use Changes

June 25 - GLP Webinar: Telecoupling challenges in conservation. GLP website for registration

Mar. 12 - International Workshop: The Sustainability Governance of Inter-Regional Linkages: Lessons from the Brazil-Europe Soy Complex, Universidade de Brasília

Jan. 23 - IRES Faculty Seminar with Lenore Newman. Using the concept of telecoupling, an umbrella concept that refers to socioeconomic and environmental interactions over distances. Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia


July 30-Aug. 3 - Telecoupled land use change in Madagascar – implications for conservation and sustainable development, the 56th Annual Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) meeting in Antananarivo, Madagascar

April 24-26 - Emergent Effects in Telecoupled Systems: Challenges and Lessons for Governing Local Land-use in a Globally Connected World, 4th Open Science Meeting - Global Land Programme, Bern, Switzerland

April 9 - Telecoupling Toolbox: Integrated Cloud-based Tools for Sustainability Science, United States Chapter of the International  Association of Landscape Ecology, Annual Meeting, Fort Collins, CO

March 5-7 - COUPLED Training Course on Governance and Justice in Telecoupling. Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Feb, 17 - Sustainable Development Goals: New Science Balancing a Hyperconnected World, American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, Washington, DC


Nov. 26-27 - COUPLED Training Course on Modeling Land-Use Change. Introduces spatial modelling of telecoupled land systems, emphasising models dealing with human-environment interactions across scales and sectors. Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam

Sept. 3-5 - Telecoupled flows across scales, Global Land Programme 2018 Asia Conference - Transitioning to Sustainable Development of Land Systems through Teleconnections and Telecouplings, Taipei, Taiwan, China

Sept. 3-5 - Hidden impacts of telecoupled food production and consumption, Global Land Programme 2018 Asia Conference - Transitioning to Sustainable Development of Land Systems through Teleconnections and Telecouplings, Taipei, Taiwan, China

Sept. 3-5 - Global Land Programme 2018 Asia Conference - Transitioning to Sustainable Development of Land Systems through Teleconnections and Telecouplings, Taipei, Taiwan, China

July 1-5 - Biodiversity conservation in a telecoupled world. Symposium: Feeding the planet whilst minimizing environmental and socio-economic costs, Pullman Kuching, Malaysia

April 19-20 - Research Workshop “Governance in Telecoupled Land Systems”. Jointly organized by University of Bern, Leuphana University, Osnabrück University, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Location: University of Bern, Switzerland

April 10 - Telecoupling Framework: Concepts, Applications and Hands-On Exercises with the New Cloud-Based Telecoupling Toolbox, US-IALE 2018 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

April 9 - Telecoupling for Sustainable Development and Conservation Across Local to Global Scales, US-IALE 2018 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL


Dec. 11-15 - AGU Fall Meeting Session: Interdependence of Coupled Human and Natural Systems around the World, New Orleans, LA

June 8 - Telecoupled Human and Natural Systems: Theory and Application to the International Food Trade (oral session),  Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University’s (GTAP) “20th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis”, West Lafayette, Indiana

April 10 - Telecoupling People and Landscapes among Distant Places around the World, USIALE Conference, Baltimore, MD

April 9 - Workshop: Applications of the Telecoupling Framework and Hands-on Exercises with the Telecoupling Toolbox, US International Association of Landscape Ecology (USIALE), Baltimore, MD


Dec. 15 - Telecoupling at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Telecoupling sessions, Moscone, Convention Center, San Francisco, CA

Nov.28-Dec. 2 - sTeleBES - Telecoupled use of biodiversity and ecosystem services: synthesis of concepts, methods and evidence, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

Oct. 27 - Untangling the Complexity of Telecouplings and Global Land System Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging Geographic and Disciplinary Boundaries (forum), Global Land Project, 3rd Open Science Meeting, Beijing, China

April 4 - Landscape networks as telecoupled human and natural systems (symposium), United States Chapter of the International Association of Landscape Ecology Annual Meeting, Asheville, NC

April 3 - US-IALE Workshop: Telecoupling Framework for the Landscape Ecology Community, USIALE Annual Meeting Land Change Workshops, Asheville, NC

Jan. 24-27 - Telecoupling and The Great Lakes: Understanding Global and Local Socio-Environmental Systems Using Zebra Mussels as a Case Study. Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference, Grand Rapids, MI


Oct. 1 - Telecoupling Systems (satellite session), European Conference on Complex Systems, Temple, AZ

Aug. 14 - Impacts of natural disasters on telecouplings, Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

Aug. 12 - Telecoupling: A new frontier of research on coupled human and natural systems, Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

July 5 - Telecoupling framework for studying cross-border and cross-scale interactions, ALE World Congress, Portland, Oregon

May 21 - Promises and Perils of Telecouplings for Global Sustainability, Stockholm, Sweden


Dec. 1-3 - Towards operationalization of telecoupling concepts for land system science (workshop), Global Land Project, Aeschi, Switzerland

May 19 - US-IALE Annual Symposium - Telecouplings: Challenges and Opportunities for the Landscape Ecology Community, US-IALE, Anchorage, Alaska

April 1 - Seminar: Telecouplings & Global Sustainability, the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), Annapolis, MD

Mar. 19-21 - Land Systems in a Telecoupled World, Global Land Project, Open Science Meeting, Berlin, Germany


Aug. 8 - Symposium on "Ecological Sustainability in a Telecoupled World", Ecological Society of America, Minneapolis, MN


Sept. 23-28 - Ernst Strüngman Forum on Rethinking Global Land Use in an Urban Era, Frankfurt, Germany

Mar. 26 - Telecoupling and land change in emerging economies: trade and the rise of eco-consumerism (oral Session), Planet Under Pressure, London, UK


Feb. 18 - Telecoupling of Human and Natural Systems, AAAS Annual Meeting -- Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC