THRIVE aims to make your pathway as a family caregiver easier, by helping you locate and utilize resources and programs at the appropriate time while fostering supportive connections and continuous learning over many years and without disruption.


We recognize how challenging and frustrating it can be to continually navigate services and try to understand what may be available for you and your family when you need support.

The array of programs and services available is confusing and it is a problem we hope to alleviate for caregivers in Michigan. Have you ever thought "I don’t know where to begin?" or "I don’t know what we need right now?" "I’m not even sure I know all the questions I should ask?" or "What do I need next?"

In addition to caregiving and navigating a purposeful pathway for you and your family, uncertainty with resources should not be your job.  As a caregiver you should not need to figure out the aging, caregiving and dementia services matrix. We recognize this is a serious problem and we believe it is solvable.

THRIVE is one way to reduce your burden and connect you with what you need, when you need it, and hopefully discover some new, timely and meaningful resources over time. You may need several services and benefit from many classes, just not all at once. Your life and caregiving is not a static or fixed pathway. You can expect change and you will need different kinds of supports and resources along the way. Until now, caregivers in Michigan have had to create their own path by visiting (virtually or in-person) each organization separately and figuring out what might be best. Most family caregivers do not have a geriatric care manager to be their advocate and design (and redesign) a care plan over many years of caregiving. Most of us are doing this on our own, with help from friends and quilting together what we can from well-meaning professionals, guidance from trusted relationships and trial and error.

THRIVE has been created to bring the information and programs to you and to help you tailor your needs based where you are, right now.

  • No Barriers: access to free and low cost services, programming and resources in person and online from multiple institutions, organizations, and agencies.
  • No Boundaries: available at any time of day, any day of the week, and from any location.

For more information about programming and resources focused on caregiver wellbeing, visit the Learn and THRIVE Programs tabs. 

In addition to a vibrant network, THRIVE is prioritizing your wellbeing. Caregivers need to be well, healthy, calm and responsive in order to make important decisions, activate resources and participate in the connection and support available. In other words, how you thrive directly impacts how the person in your care will thrive.

CALM Connections is the cornerstone program of the THRIVE Network, making it possible to weave together key partners and organizations around the state to create a seamless stream of self-care offerings throughout the entire care journey. For more information about CALM Connections, click on the CALM Connections tab.