Your Connections

Do you feel supported, connected to the resources and people you need to be well?

Your Connections

Caregivers who are isolated are more likely to feel depressed and anxious. When it comes to caregiving and dementia, you need a team, and this team will evolve over time. For continued health and wellbeing, caregivers who feel connected, and have access to other caregivers and supportive environments not only function better, they are healthier and happier.

Of course, no one sets out to be disconnected, unhappy and unhealthy. This is often an insidious or  gradual breakdown of health over time. With the average caregiving commitment ranging two - ten years, it is not surprising how impact on health can be devastating.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way!  

Meeting regularly with and learning from other caregivers and experts will bolster your strength and support your desire to live well. The following programs are available to help you build and sustain strong connections: