2021 MSU Tollgate Farm HomeGrown Gardening Series


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Are you interested in starting a vegetable garden for the first time or are you an experienced veggie gardener looking to explore new ideas? All levels of experience are welcome at this new series designed to encourage and support home vegetable gardeners!


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Feb. 13 - Home Vegetable Gardening 101
Gardening 101 will cover gardening foundational subjects such as basic plant science, how to choose a site and garden layout, what crops grow best at different times of the year and maintenance needs such as watering and soil development. Even if you've been gardening for a while, it can be a great refresher!

March 13 - Seed-Starting for Everyone
MSU Extension Educator Isabel Branstrom shares how each seed contains the resources needed to create a new plant. However, seeds need the right conditions to germinate and successfully grow. This presentation will cover what these conditions are and how to start seeds using simple techniques and tools. We will also discuss how to care for your new seedlings once they sprout!

April 10 - Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces
Learn how to successfully grow and harvest fresh vegetables in small spaces using creative and innovative ways with Extension Educators Sarah Rautio and Rebecca Krans.  Join us to discover the tremendous variety of containers, square foot gardening, and ornamental vertical techniques a gardener can use, as well as the proper soil and plant care needed to ensure success.

May 8 - Growing Fun with Kids
Join Dr. Norm Lowds, MSU 4-H Children’s Garden Director, for some fun with vegetable gardening ideas. Explore how to put kids, vegetables, and the garden together. Connect to some of the vegetable theme gardens and plants in the Children’s Gardens. Join us for an hour of veggie fun!

June 12 - Taking Growing to New Heights
Wayne County Extension Master Gardener Coordinator Deirdre Hope will show you how to construct a trellis to grow your peas and/or beans on. Explore other methods of taking growing up with Deirdre as she shares a wealth of methods and strategies for vertical gardening.

July 10 - Season Extension for the Home Garden
Would you like to be able to garden earlier in the spring and later into the fall?  Learn some new techniques and tools to make gardening last longer for you.  We will cover proper plant selection and successive plantings, use of row covers and low tunnels, and what vegetables and herbs can be grown indoors during winter- all with the home gardener in mind.

Aug. 14 - Companion Planting
Extension Educator Naim Edwards joins us to explore the value of companion planting. Naim will highlight the fundamentals of companion planting and show examples of common crops to grow together. Participants will leave with an understanding of why some plants grow well together and be able to determine how to apply companion planting in their garden.

Sept. 11 - Veggie Harvest and Storage
The advantage of having a home garden is that you can pick and savor your vegetables when they are at their optimal flavor. But how can you tell when to harvest your vegetables and what are the best conditions to store your homegrown vegetables? Find out answers to these questions and so much more as MSU Tollgate Sustainable Agriculture Instructor Darby Anderson explores veggie harvest and storage!

$10 per session for one household, $75 for all eight sessions
Preregistration required. A link will be sent prior to the session. Recorded lectures available to paid registrants. 

Series will be virtual. If in-person programming resumes, some later sessions may take place at the farm and virtually.

MSU Tollgate Farm and Education Center
28115 Meadowbrook Rd., Novi, MI 48377