Mornings on the Farm

4/22/20 Update: Due to COVID-19 all sessions will now be held digitally. A video link will be sent prior to the session. All sessions will include live field demonstrations of various techniques and tools.

Join us for an interactive, on-farm series on vegetable gardening! For beginners and experienced gardeners alike, this series will give you classroom and field-based hands-on experience across a diversity of gardening topics, including planning, transplant production, weeding, watering, pest and disease management, pruning and trellising, season extension, winter prep and more!

All session are Sundays, 9am-12pm on the given dates. 

$15 per session. Preregistration required.

Workshops are from 9am-12pm on the indicated dates
. Sessions include ample time to get your gardening questions answered!

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Your Instructor: Join us for a series on the farm with sustainable agriculture educator Will Jaquinde. Will is in his 5th season managing the vegetable production at MSU Tollgate, which grows more than 150 varieties across 50 crops and three acres using organic growing practices for a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. Will brings his experience training beginning farmers through Tollgate's apprenticeship to the classroom and field, making workshops thorough yet engaging. In this series, Will shares his decades of plant experience to help you grow a low maintenance, productive vegetable garden! 

March 29, Successful Garden Planning and Transplant Production. Starting the season off right and getting the most out of the garden means having a plan. Learn to develop a garden plan that is simple but comprehensive that will save you time during the growing season. You'll also learn the ins and outs of transplant production, from selecting growing media to water management. A visit to the greenhouse will show these concepts in action!

May 31, Tips and Tricks for Low Energy Garden Maintenance. A well maintained garden is key to healthy plants, yields and sanity! Learn the tools and tricks for maintaining a weed free garden, applying the right amount of water and getting plants in the ground without fuss. This session will also explore organic pest and disease management that focuses on proactive, not reactive, management. In the field you'll see weeding tools and techniques in action and get to try them out for yourself!

July 12, Summer Crops and Plant Management for Yield and Pest Control. The peak of summer provides some of our favorite crops! We'll take an in-depth look at trellising, pruning and maintaining tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and more for maximum ease and yield. In the field you'll get hands on experience pruning and trellising while seeing organic pest management in action. 

August 16, Season Extension and Putting the Garden to Bed. As fall and winter draw near you'll learn how to keep the harvest going later into the season while preparing to put it to rest for the winter. Season extension, storage crops, cover cropping and mulching will all be covered in this end of the year workshop which will feature demonstrations in the field!