Sourcing and Eating Local Food

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Local Sourcing Consultation

Work to identify what products and what quantity your school is sourcing locally, your local sourcing goals, and resources available to achieve your goals. Ongoing support and technical assistance available. All consultations are free.

Local Food Event Planning Support

Looking for ways to engage students in the cafeteria or classroom around local food? MSU Extension can assist you with planning events such as taste testings, farmer visits, recipe samplings and much more!

Local Food Event Support

Want to integrate a fun activity in your classroom or cafeteria, but lack enough hands to make it happen? MSU Extension can assist you with activities the day of your event.

Garden to Cafeteria

Is your food service using or considering using products grown in the school garden? One important factor is practicing food safety with these products. Food safety isn’t rocket science, it just requires some prior planning. MSU Extension can help provide tools and information to make sure that your students are consuming safe and healthy school garden produce.

“Safe Food from the School Garden” is a one hour presentation for school gardeners, teachers and food service personnel. This presentation is free of charge.

Food Safety Plan Support. MSU Extension can assist school gardeners and/or food service personnel in creating their own food safety plan to fit the needs of your school.

Culinary Skills Training

Designed for food service personnel, this four hour training will increase your understanding of safe handling, processing and preparing whole vegetables and fruits in institutional settings. Culinary language, seasonal sourcing and menu planning will also be covered.

Finding Local Products

Your food service has already decided to start sourcing or wants to source more local products. The next step is to figure out where to find them. MSU Extension can share information about distributors, vendors and farms that already sell to institutions and assist with researching and building relationships with those that are new to selling to institutions.