In 2017 MSU Tollgate opened its farm incubator, a space for beginning farmers to take their experience from the apprenticeship and apply it to their own farm business.

Incubatees get access to land and critical infrastructure including irrigation equipment, fencing, greenhouse space, tillage equipment and more for an accessible annual fee. Through reduced start up costs, incubatees are able to focus on developing their business without taking on crippling debt.

This program is currently only available to those who have completed our apprenticeship.


Gwen of Root to Rise Farm harvesting tomatoes.

Gwen Schaller owned and operated Root to Rise Farm a small diversified vegetable farm from 2018-2020. Root to Rise ran a CSA program in the Novi area and was a vendor at the Plymouth Farmers Market on Saturdays. Gwen became a full-time member of Tollgate's Sustainable Agriculture Program as a farmer and educator in 2021.