UPREC North Farm

The North Farm, originally founded in 1899 just north of Chatham, Michigan, is part of the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center. We are an incubator farm specializing in diversified organic vegetable production, research, education, and outreach for northern latitude climates. Starting in 2015, we will offer on-site workshops, online classes, and opportunities for beginning farmers to live and work with us to learn about sustainable farming in the challenging northern climate of the U.P. Our focus is building healthy soils, food, people, and communities. Using organic and sustainable practices coupled with season extension technologies, we are growing a wide variety of vegetables. Our farm functions as both a production and teaching facility, and we aim to provide healthy, fresh, nutrient-dense produce to the local markets.


N5431 Rock River Road
Chatham, MI 49816

Phone: 906-439-5058

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