Farm Policy and Risk Management Series - Fruit Session

December 12, 2023

Post-Session Evaluation & Survey

The Fruit session of the Farm Policy & Risk Management Series focused on insurance options for Michigan tree fruit and small fruit growers. Fruit crops include cherries, apples, grapes (including the new grapevine insurance program)peaches, blueberries and more. Policies reviewed included Actual Production History (APH) and Actual Revenue History (ARH) programs. The coverage levels available, how payouts are calculated and other details were also presented. The session also looks through the Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) and Micro Farm (MFP), which are based on overall crop revenue. These can be used to cover many crops and farm commodities, across multiple markets.

Cory Blumerick of GreenStone Farm Credit Services joins Chris Bardenhagen, Michigan State University Extension, in presenting this session. Cory leads GreenStone’s Specialty Crop Insurance team. He has many years of experience in helping fruit farmers to find their best options. He is also an advocate for new policies and policy changes that are beneficial for farmers and fruit growers.

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