Immobilization of CWD Prions

Principle Investigators: Wei Zhang, Ph.D. MSU Associate Professor & Associate Chairperson, Department of
Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences and Jason Bartz, Ph.D, Associate Dean, Academic and Faculty Affairs,
Creighton University

A team of interdisciplinary researchers have been able to study how to immobilize prions that are found in the environment through using pyrogenic carbonaceous geosorbents (PCGs), such as activated carbons and biochars. This project will provide evidence on whether adding commercially affordable PCGs to high activity areas, such as deer bedding, grazing, feeding or drinking areas, is an effective mitigation strategy in captive cervid farms or in areas where CWD occurs. This study will also provide insight on whether managed fire can have a lasting effect on reducing CWD prevalence by immobilizing prions with chars, addressing a highly significant area of CWD ecology.


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