Need a Mentor?

Mentor and mentee

Looking for a caring adult to help guide your way?

What is a mentor?

  • A friend
    A mentor listens and gives thoughtful, caring advice and assistance.
  • A role model
    A mentor has had successful life experiences and is willing to share them.
  • A link to the community
    A mentor is knowledgeable about the community and is willing to research any information that is unknown to him or her. He or she will teach the young person how to access local resources.

Responsibilities of mentees in successful mentoring relationships


  • Respect mentors’ time, efforts and loyalty
  • Are committed to success
  • Share goals and expectations with mentors
  • Challenge themselves to tackle new projects and face their fears
  • Meet with their mentors on a regular basis

Michigan counties currently offering mentoring programs

New 4-H youth mentoring programs are being developed in counties across Michigan each year.

To see an updated listing of Michigan counties currently offering 4-H mentoring programs, please go to “4-H Youth Mentoring Programs in Michigan”.

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Other mentoring programs in Michigan

Michigan 4-H Youth Development strives to continue to develop and offer caring and supporting mentoring opportunities for youth in Michigan. Unfortunately, not every Michigan county currently is operating a 4-H mentoring program. If you are interested in enrolling your child in a county not currently operating a mentoring program, there are many other mentoring opportunities with other organizations in Michigan.

Visit Mentor Michigan to see a list of organizations offering mentoring opportunities in your area.

How to enroll

Enrollment procedures vary from county to county. Therefore, to enroll in a 4-H mentoring program in your county, contact the mentoring program coordinator in the county listed in “4-H Youth Mentoring Programs in Michigan.” He or she can provide you more information about enrollment for that specific program.


Frank Cox, Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development
Phone: 231-724-4738