Experimental Foods Laboratory

''1100 S. Anthony Hall

The Experimental Foods Laboratory is a 1,629-square-foot facility designed to meet teaching, research and outreach needs. Courses currently taught in the facility include Experimental Approaches to Food, The Art and Science of Food Preparation and Food Product Development. In addition to serving as an active teaching laboratory, this space is used for product testing, professional and consumer workshops, and food service/retail recipe development and testing. Ten kitchen units are included in this laboratory. Each unit is composed of a stainless steel sink with counter tops, a stove and appropriate kitchen utensils. Two of the units have 36-inch Viking Professional gas ranges with convection ovens. Four of the other eight units contain smooth top electric ranges with convention ovens. The other four units contain gas ranges with conventional ovens. There are five microwave ovens, two refrigerators (one home style and one three section commercial) and two freezers. Students have access to use of electronic balances, digital thermometers, handheld pH meters, thermostatically controlled electric fryers, blenders and food processors.


Adjacent to the Experimental Foods Laboratory is a 898-square-foot Food Demonstration Room that serves as a dining facility for the lab courses, workshops and focused food training conferences scheduled by faculty. The space can accommodate up to 50 people at conference tables. This area is equipped with up-to-date audiovisual equipment for presentations.