Alternative feed for cattle to help ease the drought shortage

A program that focused on corn stalks as an alternative feed source helps crop producers put a value on the corn stover that cattle farms may need.

An informative alternative feed webinar featuring Michigan State University Extension Educators discussing corn stover harvest considerations is now available. The webinar targets some considerations and processes that a corn producer may want to consider in selling corn stover/stalks to a cattle farm. A crop producer will have some nutrients removed with the stover and that should be the minimum value that a farm would want to recover from any stover removal. In addition, this presentation takes a look at the overall harvesting process that would take place in this process.

Corn producers can play a very important role in helping other farms find a source of alternative feeds to help carry their cattle herds through the winter.

The summer drought conditions this summer has contributed to a state wide hay shortage putting cattle and other livestock farms in need of finding alternative forages to fill this void.

Beef and dairy farms across the state have utilized corn stover/stalks over the years as a forage resource and this year other farms may need it to stretch other farm feed resources.

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