Cash-flow tool helps pork producers manage feed costs during tough times

This Excel spreadsheet can help you evaluate and manage your short- and long-term cash flow.

Current and projected high feed costs and low profit margins are challenging pork producers to evaluate all aspects of their business. A tool created by Michigan State University Extension can help you evaluate and manage cash flow. And it’s in an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel format.

To use, simply input your specific financial and pork-production information. You use your monthly projected market hog sales, projected pork prices and projected cash expenses and loan payments along with other incomes. There is lots of flexibility to customize to your specific income and expense items. The program will then give you future cash flow needs and potential shortfalls. This can be very useful in making adjustments, planning for capital improvements or discussions with lenders. As time goes forward you can input your actual monthly numbers to monitor and adjust your projections.

Download the MSU Extension Pork Cash Flow Worksheet and put it to work for you today. After you’ve downloaded your personal copy, enter in the pertinent information for your farm. If you have questions, or would like further information, contact Roger Betz

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