Corn stalks provide alternative forage for beef and dairy farms

Having enough feed and forage for cattle farms this winter may include some feed alternatives like corn stover/stalks.

Having enough feed and forages is a farm management issue that needs the attention of every cattle farm (dairy or beef) as the time to secure and harvest is nearing the end for this growing season. A pre-recorded webinar is now available that focuses on corn stover/stalks as an alternative feed source for beef and dairy cattle rations.

As farms across the state finish corn silage harvest and take the last cutting of hay, they should construct an inventory of forages currently on hand. Next, they should build an estimated feed needs budget for the cattle which can help identify the need for additional feed or forages. In many cases farms may want to consider corn stover as a possible replacement for other forages to help reduce cost of production. This webinar provides information about the amount of corn stover that can be included in cattle rations without having a major negative impact.

This is the second webinar related to corn stover. An alternative feed webinar featuring Michigan State University Extension Educators discussing corn stover harvest considerations is also available.

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