Find a local Michigan event and go with your family

Discover how to find an event in your area and what benefits await your family.

Michigan is home to hundreds of fairs, festivals and events. It’s really amazing to think about these events for just a moment. They reach from to every corner of our great state and take place in the largest of communities to the smallest communities. These fairs and festivals touch every one of our Great Lakes. It takes a full year of planning and thousands of volunteers to bring these activities to our families.

Michigan is a diverse state that produces over 300 commodities on a commercial basis. Most of those commodities have a fair, festival or event associated with them. Don’t be mistaken, these amazing opportunities to see our state don’t just take place in the summer months. Every month, even the snowiest months, brings a new and interesting opportunity to learn about a commodity, a community or an interest.

Where do you find information about the latest fairs, festivals and event information? That’s a good question! Try bookmarking Pure Michigan’s Fairs and Festivals webpage to search for events in your area. Another great site to bookmark for local Michigan family opportunities is Michigan Festivals, Craft Shows, Art Fairs and Events.

You may be wondering what the benefits might be for a family spending time together at these events. The benefits are outstanding! To learn more about the importance and benefits of families spending time together, see the following Michigan State University Extension articles:

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