Finding strength in resiliency

Learn how to better handle all of life’s changes and challenges.

As human beings, we want to be happy and to accomplish things in life. The question is, “Where do we start?” Life comes at us and knocks us down at times. We have to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. So, what are the ways we can do that? You may know people who have faced great devastation in their lives but continue to find happiness and success despite these traumatic situations. What these individual have is resilience, the ability to “bounce back” from misfortune or change.

Resilient people tend to have something in their lives that helps them overcome challenges and are able to move on in positive ways. The strength that help resilient individuals bounce back are positive influences. These influences are something a person can develop and improve throughout life. Below are the key factors to assist in building resiliency.


Having a healthy, supportive network of family and friends is important. These are the people will provide with a shoulder or ear when needed. They will provide you with positive feedback and make sure you have fun. This also means allowing your friends and family to help you out when needed and not feeling like a burden.

Internal beliefs

This how we view our self-worth, which is made up on how we think and feel about ourselves. Resilient people think positively about themselves. Not in an arrogant way but in a confident manner. They tend to be “comfortable in their skin” and can easily shake off negative comments towards them and accept praise easily. They take time to pay attention to their instincts.


Having healthy self-motivation is a big factor in resiliency. Individuals who are driven and are excited about new adventures or opportunities tend to deal with change more positively. They have goals and eagerly work towards accomplishing them.


Individual who can handle stress and anger in a constructive manner have great “bounce back.” They are able to express their feeling that is helpful to them and understandable to those they are having conflict. They know how to successful calm themselves down. Consequently, their action will be more appropriate.

For more on building your resiliency, visit the American Psychological Association for tips and ideas.

Additional information on stress and anger management programs visit Michigan State University Extension. MSU Extension offers a variety of educational programs throughout the state. To find a program near you, go to for more information.

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