Fruit farms consider crop insurance options to manage risk

Fruit farms can now learn more about crop insurance as a risk management tool in an online video.

Michigan farms that produce tree fruit crops have an enrollment deadline of Nov. 20, 2012 as the last date to enroll their farm’s fruit crop’s participation in 2013 crop insurance programs. This video provides farms with an overview of how and why fruit producers may want to consider crop insurance as part of their risk management plan. An insurance agent that specializes in tree fruit crops can provide some of the basics of the programs available. Many farms are surprised that more crop insurance options are available than may have been available in the past.

2012 was a year of real challenges for many farms. We need to work together using a variety of tools to manage risk for the future and to ensure farm sustainability.

For more information about this risk management program along with other fruit freeze – disaster resources you can visit Michigan State University Extension  or visit Dennis Stein, Farm Management Educator’s webpage.

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