Handy Bt Trait Table for U.S. corn production updated for 2020

Corn growers can use the 2020 Bt Trait Table to keep track of Bt corn traits, efficacy and refuge requirements.

Corn field

The Handy Bt Trait Table for U.S. Corn Production has been updated as of February 2020. Bookmark the Handy Bt Trait Table website and you will always reach the latest version of the table. The Handy Bt Trait Table website also has a new sweet corn version of the table developed by Ben Phillips, a Michigan State University Extension vegetable crops educator.

Changes to the table this year include:

  • Adding the Enlist trait to the herbicide list (this was a popular request).
  • Updating the resistance column to include corn borer x Cry1F.
  • Adding more acronyms for the various trait packages.
  • Discussing the growing concern of pyramids functioning as single-trait hybrids on page 1.

Access the updated for 2020 table at: Handy Bt Trait Table for U.S. Corn Production.

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