Learning about Michigan Tribal communities: Part 2

There are many services that tribes offer to assist their membership with their health and well-being.

There are many services that tribes offer to assist their membership with their health and well-being. The services that are offered are based on factors such as their community’s needs, the tribe’s constitution and types of available funding sources. Through Indians Health Services, Indian Health Service (IHS) which is a federal program housed in the Health and Human Services Department, tribes are able to provide health care to their membership. Examples of programs offered at a Tribal Health Clinic may include:

  • Diabetes prevention and self- management programs
  • Maternal health
  • Family medical practice
  • Dental care
  • Health heart programs

In addition a traditional medicine program, American Indian Health provides the opportunity for patients to seek medical advice from a traditional healer or medical person based on their traditional practices, which may also be offered at the Tribal Health Clinic. Tribes also offer a Natural Resources Department to assist in the management of tribal land, natural resources and provide assistance to local municipalities to maintain healthy environments. A great example is the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority Act (CORA), 2000.

Additional programs offered at tribes include an Education and a Youth Services Department where services are provided to student K-12 and adult learners. There is also an Archives and Records Department which maintains and preserves historical documents for the tribe. There are also Tribes in Michigan who coordinate their own Tribal Court system who collaborate with the Tribal Social Services Department to handle child welfare matters. There are many more departments and programs that are offered to community members. Again, it is important to know that each Tribe offers their own set of programs and defines their own laws as a result of their sovereignty.

Please contact Michigan State University Extension educator, Emily Proctor, Tribal Extension Educator for more information at proctor8@anr.msu.edu

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