Michigan Hay Sellers List helps buyers locate scarce hay

Whether buying or selling hay, the Michigan hay sellers list makes the task easier.

Cow eating hay

Unusually dry or wet weather can drastically lower the supply of hay in Michigan. Help is available for those looking to buy or sell hay by connecting buyers and sellers with online listings at the Michigan Hay Listing Network

The Michigan Hay Listing Network is a listing of farms with hay for sale. The listing is free and kept current by deleting all listings that are over four months old. Anyone wishing to list hay for sale or wanting to locate hay to buy can visit the Michigan Hay Listing Network website. All asking prices are listed on a per ton basis to ensure transactions are made on a fair, standard basis, as bales of hay can vary greatly in weight.

The Michigan Hay Listing Network is sponsored by Michigan State University Extension with support from the Michigan Forage Council, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Michigan Farm Bureau.

For more information, contact Phil Kaatz, MSU Extension forage educator, at kaatz@msu.edu or 810-667-0341.

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