Michigan Tribal colleges and more

Education and advocacy to meet the needs of tribes and communities in Michigan.

There are 34 accredited Tribal colleges and universities on or near Indian reservations. In Michigan there are three Tribal colleges:

Each Tribal College offers a variety of educational opportunities to meet the needs of the tribes and communities of Michigan. The Tribal colleges also work with the local communities on a variety of projects in the areas of agriculture, economic development, language revitalization, research and much more! A person will find support through student services, technology rooms and libraries to support students and the local community.

Another organization that is focused on working with Tribal colleges and universities is the First Americans Land-Grant Consortium. The First Americans Land-Grant Consortium (FALCON) is a non-profit association which provides an opportunity for Tribal colleges, universities and partners to learn from each other; and to build relationships and a space for professional development.

In addition the National Indian Education Association has been at the forefront to advocate for indigenous education. The National Indian Education Association has been an advocacy organization for American Indians, Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians in the United States since 1970. As the convening of native and non-native organizations they have assisted organizations to draft legislation, provide research and support to build capacity. Their mission is to, “build brighter futures for our student, their families, and their cultures.” The NIEA advocates for native students to have access to high-quality academic and cultural education. Through research NIEA partners with institutions, federal agencies, and scholars to collect and disseminate data based on the educational conditions. In addition, their research helps to create solutions for native students to preserve native languages, cultures, and to bring prosperity to their communities. NIEA also assists in building capacity for native youth to build successful careers and attend college. 

To learn more about Government and Public Policy programs offered through Michigan State University Extension please contact me, Tribal Extension educator with questions or comments at (231)-439-8927 or proctor8@anr.msu.edu

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