New fungicides for Cercospora leaf spot control in sugarbeets

Minerva and Minerva Duo are two new fungicides that can now be used for Cercospora leaf spot control in sugarbeets for 2015.

SipcamAdvan announced the release of two new fungicides for the control of Cercospora leaf spot in sugarbeets for 2015. The products are Minerva (tetraconazole 1.0 pound per gallon) and Minerva Duo (tetraconazole 0.73 pounds per gallon plus triphenyltin OH 2 pounds per gallon). The products have been registered for only one application per season.

From the label, “Crops other than sugarbeet must not be grown within 120 days following the last application of Minerva Duo. Small grains can be planted 45 days following last application of this product. Applications may be supplemented by use of other triphenyltin hydroxide-based products provided the total seasonal use rate of triphenyltin hydroxide from all products does not exceed 0.5 pounds per acre. Total seasonal application of triphenyltin hydroxide based products in Michigan cannot exceed 0.75 pounds per acre.”

The labels may be accessed here: Minerva  and Minerva Duo

Some results on Minerva have been reported in “Efficacy of application of foliar fungicides for control of Cercospora leaf spot in sugarbeet” (page 67-70) by Michigan State University Extension and MSU’s AgBioResearch.

Dr. Kirk’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch.

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