Nutrient management after the drought

Learn about nutrient management after the 2012 drought, including nutrient carryover and recycling, fall versus spring soil test results and 2013 fertilizer recommendations, by watching a webinar hosted by the American Society of Agronomy.

Managing nutrients after the drought was the topic of a webinar hosted by the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) on September 26, 2012. This event was sponsored by the Agriculture Nutrient Policy Council (ANPC). University experts discussed successful strategies and methods to employ this fall and next spring to manage nutrients successfully for crop production and water quality.

The emphasis was on the three key nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The presentations centered on how the drought will affect nutrient removal by crops, nutrient carryover and recycling, soil test results and pH. The N carryover will depend on many attributes of the N cycle such as immobilization, leaching and denitrification. Leaching and denitrification will be related on the amount of winter and spring precipitation.

In terms of P and K, obtaining good yield data and assessing field variability using yield monitors, for example, were regarded as keys to determining crop removal and application rates for next year. The important role of cover crops as nutrient scavengers was highlighted.

Those interested in this session should visit the ASA website for a full recording of the webinar, presentation slides and the Q/A session.

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