Plan your own culinary day trip in Pure Michigan: Part 1

While the season’s change, this may be great time to eat your way through your day in Michigan.

As the harsh Michigan winter slowly transitions to the timid spring season here in Michigan, it may still be a bit early to enjoy the outdoors. So why not consider taking a day trip? More specifically, a culinary day trip in this great state we love to call home….Pure Michigan.

April, which has also been named “Michigan Wine Month” by Governor Rick Snyder, may be a great month to spend a day or two taking in our local Michigan cuisine while giving yourself a little break from reality. One great way to do this is to plan a culinary day trip within 100 miles of where you live. This is actually easier than you think.

So, you may wonder what a culinary day trip is. Well, since there is no set definition for this, it can be defined differently by each of us. However, to provide a little context, we will highlight some basic examples.

For instance, if you travel for just the day, or even overnight, that could be considered a day trip. Now, let’s just add a culinary or “foodie” twist to it and voila! You have a culinary day trip!

Some possible options to take in some of the local cuisine might be visiting the local farmers market, or visiting a Breakfast on the Farm event. Perhaps you have lunch at the local diner that takes pride in sourcing locally, and then visit the local winery for a tasting or micro-brewery that is hosting a tap take over or tapping of the newest rendition of their seasonal ale. In the evening, maybe there is a festival related to food, beer or wine taking place that you may want to enjoy. The choices are endless, but will take a little more research to find out just what may be going on in the town or towns you are planning to visit.

In part two of this article, we will provide a few tips on planning your culinary day trip.

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Michigan State University Extension has teams of educators working in the fields of Community Food Systems and Tourism whom are always seeking correlations between the two. Regardless of where you go, you have to eat, so why not eat local and truly experience you travels, especially while taking in Pure Michigan. For more information, check out the MSU Extension website or contact your local MSU Extension office in your county.

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