Teach teamwork to improve relationships

What qualities are needed for a team to be successful? Learn the 17 characteristics that can make you a team player.

Teamwork is a valuable relationship building mindset. There are many books that help people develop teamwork strategies for professional development that can double as personal development. We are all part of a team no matter where we go. Becoming more conscious of the people in your life, how you affect and work with these people is what being a team player is about. A team player is someone who is conscious enough to realize that teamwork doesn’t just happen. It is conscious continual work.

According to author, John C. Maxwell there are 17 essential qualities of a team player. A team player is:

  1. Adaptable
  2. Collaborative
  3. Committed
  4. Communicative
  5. Competent
  6. Dependable
  7. Disciplined
  8. Enlarging
  9. Enthusiastic
  10. Intentional
  11. Mission conscious
  12. Prepared
  13. Relational
  14. Self-improving
  15. Selfless
  16. Solution oriented
  17. Tenacious

Listing all 17 characteristics of teamwork is important in establishing an understanding of the level of consciousness one must have to actually be present and contributing in relationships. It doesn’t matter what team you are on. What matters is if you are working on being a team player that a team would want. Make an effort of improving yourself (number 14).

Michigan State University Extension offers many educational programs that can improve one personally or a team. MSU Extension’s offers several social-emotional health programs, including:

Your family is an important team. Practice these teamwork strategies at home with your family, in your profession, with friends and in public. Your relationships will grow deeper and more meaningful. Go team!

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